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EOM Reporting

The End of Month (EOM) reporting process can take up a lot of resources including time and still not provide you with all the information you want or need.

Good EOM reporting is turned around quickly at the end of the period and provides you with a deep insight of how the month performed compared to the past and to your expectations. These insights should give you the confidence to make decisions about growing a particular product or service or focusing more on a particular client or client group.

Most accounting systems like Xero, QBO and MYOB have their own limitations and the finance team will transfer the detailed information to excel so the data can be turned into something that tells a better story. This can be via visuals such as column and line graphs, pie charts and tables.

Ideally our aim is for the finance team to use the excel spreadsheets we create as an EOM process review tool as well as final product for the managers, owners and board of directors.

Budgeting and Cashflow

Budgeting for your is essential to make decisions, to set targets and for third parties such as banks if you’re looking for additional financing.

Budgeting becomes difficult when you are pulling together multiple projects, products, services and projects over a 12 month period.

We aim to create reporting for you that highlights the assumptions being made and allows for adjustment during the budget setting process and throughout the year as things change.

Cash is the oxygen for every business. Cashflow Forecasting is an extremely important but often neglected form of reporting. 

Forecasting your cashflow allows you to understand cashflow trends throughout the year. You might have a customer/s that is/are dragging its feet on payment and you should understand what effect this has on you.

Mangrove Management Accounting will will work with you and your team to create a cashflow in excel that you can adjust throughout the year as growth and payment terms change.

Process Improvement

Sometimes the information is entered and everything has been received but you just don’t have the time and resources to do the final step to complete the reporting.

Creating reporting can take a good solid block of time which not many teams have.

We can work with your current processes to see if there are any improvements that can be made to turn your reporting around quicker.

Accounting Projects – 1 Week or 1 Month

You may need an extra set of hands for a short period of time to get your management accounting project caught up and back on track. It isn’t worth putting a job ad on Seek and look through a heap of resumes.

Lean on Mangrove Management Accounting and our experience to get your small project to where it needs to be.

We are quick learners and have worked in a number of accounting systems, so we can hit the ground running.

We will get an idea of what your key priorities are and getting working on them.

We can talk to you about whether it is more beneficial to work in your office or from ours.