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07 3822 7805


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do our tax returns?

No – we can calculate and submit your BAS. We can also get your accounts prepared so they are ready for the tax accountant to review.

If you don’t have a current tax accountant – we can refer you to tax accountants that we trust

Our business accounts are a mess - can you put them in order?
Yes – don’t lose any more sleep over business accounts. Just like a dentist puts your mind at ease over a sore tooth you’ve been avoiding, it is our job to let you know that:

1. We have seen worse accounts then yours

2. No one is hurt and everything can be fixed

3. You will feel better, feel lighter and be able to get some good sleep once we have put your accounts in order

We have a good finance team already but they are under the pump - can you help them with a short project?
Yes – our job isn’t to replace your team, our job is to work with them. Get them to give us a call to see if we are a good fit for them
Our team just needs an extra set of hands for 2 weeks - can you help?
Yes – as long as we are available. The more notice given the better.
Where Are you based?

We are based in Birkdale in the Redlands, east of Brisbane. We provide services to businesses and organisations within Brisbane. We have also been able to provide great services to organisations throughout Australia. 

What size businesses do you work with?
We mainly work with small to medium size businesses, Not for Profits and we have a lot of experience, and a keen interest, in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and organisations